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Jiaguang optical groups ,our company.
Jiaguang optical groups,my company.
Hard work is our good tradition.
We consist everything is strictly to ourself.
Fraternal and solidarity make us live like a family.
We will always pursue Continuous improvement.
For the company today ,we struggle.
For the company's future, we are dedicated to it.
Let our company service for humanity.
Let our company go around the world.

  First, we must be more excellent for customer service,which is on time, good quality and exactly quantity .This is the first prerequisite for our survival. We need to improve the input-output ratio,.All finished products plant input-output ratio must be better than 90%, this is our bottom line to survive in competition.
  Second,we must insist on product development,forming characteristics of jiaguang, which is prerequisite for our survival better and we must strengthen performance appraisal of factories, teams and individuals to improve our cadres and staff, which is to ensure our survival.
  Third,We must insist on technological progress in order to increase productivity more than doubled.This is the key to our success. At the same time ,we must vigorously implement modern management, so that we can keep up with the advanced enterprise, which is the basis for us to access world markets.
"jiaguang optical groups is gather of the world's optical components", which is the goal of four generations but also our business philosophy.
We will constant innovation and better services to go toward whole world.

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